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Who we are

GlobalCare is the “social justice” and disaster relief arm of International Network of Churches (INC) (formerly Christian Outreach Centre). For some 22 years, GlobalCare has helped devastated communities to rebuild and reconnect, and has done it by practical help at the ground level. It can be as small as a wheelchair, or as large as tsunami...if the need exists, GlobalCare is there.

GlobalCare’s work simply is “mates helping mates – it’s the Aussie way”.


Global Care receives no government funding and is wholly dependent on the generosity of the community to fund its relief efforts.

GlobalCare celebrates with Philip Street Precinct

Projects we have assisted


GlobalCare (National) knows no borders.

We have provided disaster relief to the tsunami crises in Asia and the sub-Continent, along with earthquake victims in the Philippines. Its volunteers undertake on-going missionary support in East
Africa. More recently, GlobalCare provided a beacon of hope to the victims of Victoria's bushfires: the
worst natural disaster in Australia’s history.

  • Venezuela – Child Feeding and Unemployment Training Programs
  • Vanuatu Cyclone – supply of rice and other staples - to outlying islands
  • Queensland Floods Bundaberg – food supply and clean up
  • Queensland Floods Grantham – clean up and restoration
  • Victoria Bush Fires Kinglake – Property and business restoration
  • Indian Ocean Tsunami – purchased dairy cows to assist Sri Lankan farmers
  • PNG - Aitape Tsunami - Assisted with the restoration of infrastructure

About Us

In Our Backyard

Not all countries have an acceptable standard of living. All that is needed, in some instances, to improve the standard of living is to be given a hand up by someone who cares. Gladstone GlobalCare has found that it is the ordinary that makes an extraordinary difference to the Hayfield Primary School in PNG – Gladstone GlobalCare installs water tanks at the school to harvest the abundance of rain water in season, which will eventually result in water being available all year round for the school children and the teachers.

Since 2012 Gladstone GlobalCare has been installing potable water tanks at the Hayfield Primary School in the Maprik district in East Sepik Provence PNG. This is an exciting aid program not only for the people of the area but for us here in Australia as we invest our money to help those less fortunate. The villagers are well aware that education is the way out of poverty!

At times of low rain and the school runs out of water it has to be closed. Our goal is to prevent these closures. Gladstone GlobalCare raises all the funds required to purchase the materials in PNG. Citizens of Gladstone and others in the CQ Region have been extremely generous towards our projects.


Gladstone Global Care currently provides ongoing support for our local SES welfare team in times of threatening or actual disasters in the Gladstone area by coordinating the reception and accommodation of evacuees at SES nominated shelters.

A friendly welcome at the Gladstone shelter opened by the SES for Cyclone Marcia

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Gladstone Global Care Projects

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News and Activities

GlobalCare celebrates with Philip Street Precinct

GlobalCare celebrates with Philip Street Precinct

Gladstone Global Care & Global Care Africa celebrated the Philip Street Precinct 1st birthday with a display of information about our activities. This included a slide show and brochures. The Public showed […]